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The Al Rajhi Group was founded in 1937, with its headquarters located in Al Khobar city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has branches in Riyadh, Jeddah, Al Jubail, and Yanbu. The Al Rajhi companies collaborate with all Middle Eastern countries.


Al Rajhi Transport

Al Rajhi Transport specializes in the efficient and immediate transportation of all types of shipments such as containers, liquids, general cargo and heavy items

Al-Rajhi Metal Factories

Al Rajhi Metals products serve a wide range of sectors, including the petroleum sector, the chemical sector, construction, and waste disposal


Al Rajhi Rubber Factory

Exporting the latest technologies from the most advanced countries in the types of rubber and polyurethane products, and adopting the local needs with a team of experts with high skill in rubber technology, to work in an environment characterized by quality to produce the finest rubber products.

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