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Alrajhi Transportation and Logistic 

Al Rajhi Transport known as "Al Rajhi" in the business circle has been in the business of offering inland transportation services to a select class clientele since 1961 
"Al Rajhi" established a well-earned reputation in the transportation business not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but also in the entire GCC countries, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, turkey. 


We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading transporting companies operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and enlist our name as one of your potential transporting contractors. We have a fleet of vehicles numbering over 800 comprising of Flatbed Trailers,Lowbed Trailers,Curtain Sider,Extendable Trailers, Fuel Tankers, Chemical Tankers, Aluminum Tankers, Any Specialized Vehicles according to contract manufacture in Al Rajhi Metal Factory including all size of containers etc. staffed and equipped to meet strict quality standards regulations of Saudi Standard for Transport Vehicles. 

CEO message

Our vision is to continue our collaboration with our customers to maintain an unparalleled transportation and logistics service

Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi


Our vision and mission

Our vision is to continue our collaboration with our customers to maintain an unparalleled transportation and logistics service. We have expanded into comprehensive logistics services in the GCC and have a vision to expand globally within 3 years.

Customer satisfaction and quality services are our primary mission.

Our services

Al-Rajhi Company specializes in the efficient and speedy transportation of goods of all types of loads such as containers, liquids, general cargo, and heavy cargo. Al Rajhi provides full service support services in the following areas:

  • Road transport

  •  Leasing contracts for vehicles.

  • customs clearance.

  • Warehouses and storage facilities

  • Full processing of logistics services

Road Haulage
Contract hire of vehicles
Customs clearance
Warehousing and Storage Facilities
Full logistics processing


Al Rajhi has full experience and service record since 1961 in logistics services, which includes the following, as it originally started as transportation and material handling and expanded as follows:

  • Shipping

  • Unloading and loading goods

  • Cargo clearance (any type)

  • Handling freight and transportation

  • Transport

  • Port management

  • Packaging

  • Other related logistics services

Cargo Clearance 
Other Related Logistics Services
Terminal Management

• Curtain Sider Trailers

• Container chassis 

• Low bed trailers

• Chemical tanks

• Stain Steel Fuel tanks

• Cranes         

• Forklifts           

• Loaders

• Tipper   

• Water tanks

• Any customized vehicles are designed on our metal tanker manufacturing factory
Aluminum Fuel Tanks

Our Fleet Consist of 

Our Client

our clients

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