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who are we 

We provide our services with quality that complies with the approved standards for transportation vehicles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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our Journey 

  "Al-Rajhi Transport", known by the trade name "Al-Rajhi", began providing its services in internal transport operations since 1973 AD.

 Al-Rajhi has established an excellent reputation for transportation, not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but even throughout the Arab Gulf countries, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey.

And built "Al-Rajhi" on that excellent reputation supported by rich experiences and resources, acquired over several years, as it became one of the first companies in the field of transportation in the eastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and took its headquarters in Al-Khobar, with branches in each of Jubail, Riyadh and Jeddah. and stems.

Al-Rajhi aims to provide high-quality services that are in line with Saudi standards for transport vehicles.

Our mission

Leadership in the industrial market

Achieving global standards

Healthy business environment

Maintaining safety

High quality

Strategic partnership with the client

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